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The need for cleanliness and sanitisation within the precincts and the surroundings is a prime one. The field is quite large in products of home care. Our first choice was to take up the cleanliness of the home as unless this is ensured, taking further steps become futile as it loses sight of the fundamentals. Simultaneously we felt, if cleanliness and sanitation could be dovetailed with ensuring a soothing smell, that is eco-friendly and without any side-effects,--the goal of ensuring quality life could be within the reach. The chemistry should work but without the harmful effects of chemicals.

We are happy to bring it to the notice of our valued customers that through our concerted efforts, we have been able to come up with multiple choices of home care products aimed at not only ensuring a healthy life free from contaminations, but simultaneously improving upon the quality of life. The journey had to start with pine cleansers which are natural disinfectants and pellets to ensure sanitizing the open as well as covered areas. Our Deocleaner range of products and Mahapower Napthalene balls provide the complete solution to reach this aim.

The kitchen, the dining hall as well as the adjoining areas need to be spruced up to get rid of the musty smells if any. With that end in view, we have come up with the range of herbal pine cleaners by blending pine with citronella, a second one of fresh lemon and a third one of jasmine. All these are in our Deocleaner category.

A complementary requirement is to ensure cleansing the toilet bowl, and the washroom floor and tiles. Our Safelin range attend to those requirements—one taking care of the bowl, and the red variant, the floor and the tiles. To add extra sparkle to the floors and fittings of the interiors and kitchen, we have come up with Mr. Spark - X, a Multipurpose Cleaning Powder for all patterns of metal and porcelain fittings and utensils. We haven’t stopped there. Our Mr. Spark-X range also includes Marble Cleaning Powder, Liquid Floor Cleaners with Germ Protection and also Glass Pane Brightener.

It’s time now to attend to the living area, the lounge, study room, office cubicles well as the bedroom, cloak rooms etc. To create a pleasing ambience we have our range of Melodiers—room fresheners of premium quality with special attention to make them function as deodorisers. Needless to say the smells are all of the nature, and these are of seven variants known as Aqua Bliss, Serenity, Sweet Lavender, Exotica, Mystique Lily, White Princess and Pink Heaven.

Our journey still continues. There is also a choice of multipurpose cleaner that takes care of the kitchen chimneys along with other accessories for cooking and serving. Cleaning of the used utensils and dishes as well as cutleries deserves no less attention. To achieve this goal, we have come up with liquid dishwasher - Imoash Lofoam.

Products in plenty are available in the market but, we have concentrated on the quality of product and cost efficiency to achieve the complete satisfaction of our customers. Quality of a finished product obviously depends upon use of best quality raw material, and requisite advance technical know-how. These are our strong points as we do not compromise in quality while procuring raw material, our teams of experts are always engaged in search of better technical inputs.

 Chemistry that works, but without harmful effects of Chemicals

This is our Philosophy behind architecture of our products. We are using green chemicals to ensure no hurt to our Mother Nature with the residue of our products thrown into enviornment after usage. In a short, we can tell " We are Green, We are Socially Responsible Organization for Clean and Green Earth."  Our products are environment friendly, biodegradable, non toxic and absolutely safe to use.


In line of our aim to provide our customers quality products at an affordable cost, we have pleasure to implement online buying facility integrated with this website which is fully secured with 256bit SSL. Here, customers can view and order online our products seamlessly. All orders will be promptly executed by our authorized distributor, M/s. J M Traders and products will be delivered at customer doorsteps within reasonable time.

 There is increasing export demand for all these environment friendly biodegradable products in world market. For more confidence of foreign buyers, we have taken membership of "Federation of Indian Export Organisations - FIEO" and "Basic Chemicals, Cosmetics & Dyes Export Promotion Council - Chemexcil (Both are Set up by Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India)

 We approach you with all our offerings, with a fervent wish it adds to the quality of your life as well as ours through your active support.

 All Home Cleaning Products and Room Freshenrs are manufactured in India in our own unit at 

JMT Glass & Agro Pvt Ltd

Vill: Baghati, Post: Suryapur,

Dist: 24Parganas (N) - 700121, West Bengal, INDIA